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8 out of 10 employees have used AI in the workplace – survey

Eight out of ten employees have used artificial intelligence in the workplace, according to a new survey.

The FRS Recruitment Employment Insights Report shows that almost half of employees believe AI will impact or replace their job in the future, a figure which represents almost double the number who held that view when the same question was posed 12 months earlier.

Those most likely to be using AI in the workplace were in education and training, hospitality and tourism, and agriculture, farming and agri-food.

The lowest usage of AI in the workplace was reported amongst those working in IT, professional services, and pharma and medical devices.

The survey also shows more than half of employees have been headhunted in the last 12 months.

One in six employees said they would be willing to change jobs for a pay rise of 10% or less, with the number willing to move rising to almost half of all employees if a salary increase of 20% was on offer.

Salary was the reason most cited by employers for attrition in their workforces, followed by the job itself and employees seeking a new challenge.

Almost six out of ten employers said that housing issues are impacting their recruitment outlook.

The housing situation is also affecting the jobs’ market from the employees’ perspective, with two out of three people saying it has impacted on how they have managed their careers.

“What comes through in this year’s survey is how the state of the economy is influencing attitudes within the jobs’ market at present,” said Lynne McCormack, General Manager with FRS Recruitment.

“While the most obvious expression of that is the six out of 10 employers who say the economic outlook is impacting their recruitment activity, it can also be seen in the employee perspectives this year.”

“The number of employees who fear for their job security is up from last year, fewer believe there are more job opportunities available and the number who believe they would secure a new job within a three-month period is also down compared to the 2023 figures,” Ms McCormack said.

A total of 1,886 people took part in the survey behind this year’s FRS Recruitment Employment Insights Report, which was conducted in April and May.

Article Source – 8 out of 10 employees have used AI in the workplace – survey – RTE

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