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Selling Property – Some things to think about

  1. Do you know where your title deeds are? They could be with your solicitor or your mortgage bank or you could have them at home.
  2. You need to ensure your Local Property Tax is paid up to date and printoff or download the Property History Summary on the Revenue Property Tax website.
  3. Do you need to buy before you can sell? Do you have somewhere to go? What kind of lead in time do you need? Talk to your solicitor as soon as you can. That might help you in clarifying some of these issues.
  4. If your property is rented, you will need to give Notice of Termination to your tenant if you want to sell with vacant possession.
  5. Have you considered if there will be capital gains tax payable on the proceeds of sale. How much will you be left with after the taxes and charges have been paid.
  6. We will need proof of your identification, address and PPS number.
  7. If you do not have an Irish PPS (tax) number, you should apply for one as soon as possible.
  8. Have you built any extensions or carried out any developments since you acquired the property? These may require planning and/ or certification from an engineer.
  9. Do you know how much is left on your mortgage. We will request confirmation of the redemption from your lender (and so can you if you are curios). The balance of your mortgage will be (and must be) discharged from the proceeds of sale.
  10. The purchase money is paid to the solicitors client account and the balance is sent to the seller immediately upon closing the sale.